What's New in Denture Technology?

Q: What is DuraFlex ™?

A: It is a material that is designed for maximum flexibility which maintaining  retention, support and stability. These are the design elements necessary for a durable, removable partial.


Q: What is DurAcetal ™?

A: DurAcetal ™ is a material that is tooth colored, allergic-reaction free, bacteria and stain resistant. It is also light and flexible. Using this material on your partial makes it more comfortable for a better fit.


Q: What are the advantages of DuraFlex™ and DurAcetal™ over metal clasps? 

A: One of the major advantages of these products is that they don’t stain. Other advantages of them are they can be made to match your tooth color so they are barely noticeable and they are lightweight.


Q: Can DuraFlex™ and DurAcetal™ be produced in your lab thus avoiding the time necessary to send them out for production elsewhere?

A: Yes, we have purchased the equipment needed to manufacture these in our own in-house lab. We, therefore, can give you a faster turn-around on your partial.


Q: Are Geneva 2000tm Dentures Porcelain?

A: Yes, and each tooth is hand-finished, creating natural differences in shapes of individual teeth. Adding to the natural aesthetic quality is a special technique of layering different colors of porcelain.


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